Monogatari of Pines

Monogatari of Pines

Issei SUDA

Publisher: aura gallery

As a tree connected tightly with Japanese culture since ancient times, the pine was written as 'Hatinoki' in Noh plays Takasago ( a Japanese city) and Oimatsu (old pine). Being green whether in spring or in chilly winter, the pine is the symbol of erver-prospertiy and perseverance.

The pines I photographed encircle the Imperial Palace now, but at the beginning they encircled the Edo city. While the past is replaced by the present, the pines take on odd images as succession of the kobold to see the time off. If man has a soul, many kinds of souls' remains must have hidden in the wood through years, or 'something' must have happnened in the pines themselves, which may not be confirmed by human being's eyes. The presence of 'matter' instead of 'thing' adds a kind of mystery to pines.

Most of my works were snapshots in journeys or in my daily life, so the photos of a plant are precious to me. I began the series _Nude _in my late 40s. As a photographer, my nude photography started late but there is no need to say more about its charm.

  • Excerpt from statement entitled 'For Photobook Monogatari of Pines' by Suda Issei
Keywords: Botanical Landscape


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