”Childhood Days” B

”Childhood Days” B

Issei SUDA

Publisher: Akio Nagasawa Publishing

signed, numbered, two different covers

Known for photographs which create a heightened awareness of the everyday, Issei Suda’sChildhood Daysbrings together images which focus on the realm of 'childhood' with previously never before published photographs. Published by Akio Nagasawa publishing, the series of portraits capture children in and around different areas in Japan, from the Tokyo locals of Asakusa, Kanda, Ueno and Ome to the surrounding and wider prefectures of Gunma, Osaka, Nagano, Ibakari and Aomori. Found within this body of work is the distinctly characteristic style of Suda, his images are framed and formal, emphasizing the subtle gestures and quotidian details, comparable to a visualized interpretation of the ‘schoolboy’ from Shakespeare’s seven ages. Viewers are not only presented with a glimpse into a period of Japan’s history so defined by its radical changes, but are also allowed to experience a second innocence grasped from the series of images within Suda’sChildhood Days.

Keywords: Childhood


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Book Size
210 × 217 mm
136 pages
Hardcover with slipcase
Publication Date
Limited Edition

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