Anonymous Men and Women: Tokyo 1976-78

Anonymous Men and Women: Tokyo 1976-78

Issei SUDA

Publisher: Benrido

8 Black and White Collotype Prints

This mini portfolio by Kyoto-based printing studio Benrido features eight collotype prints of Suda Issei’s works. The eight photographs were selected from the exhibition catalogue produced for Suda’s 1978 show at Shinjuku Nikon Salon and Ginza Nikon salon titled “Anonymous Men and Women: Tokyo 1976-78” and include portraits and scenes shot in various areas of Tokyo.

Issei Suda (1940–2019) is a photographer revered in Japan and worldwide for his talent of capturing the theatre that unfolded on Tokyo’s streets each day, for his brilliant compositional skill and for the technical perfection of his photographs.

Collotype is one of the oldest photographic printing techniques and involves oil-based pigment inks. The resulting prints are remarkable for their precisely reproduced images, unmatched detail, smooth gradation, deep texture and strong durability. Benrido, founded in 1905 in Kyoto, is one of the most experienced collotype printing studios in the world.

Keywords: Tokyo


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258 × 206 mm
8 pages
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