Fragment of Everyday Life Special Edition B

Special Edition

Fragment of Everyday Life Special Edition B

Issei SUDA

Publisher: Seigensha

Japanese publisher Seigensha have released a special edition of Suda Issei’s recently published photobook ‘Fragment of Everyday Life’.
The special edition set includes a copy of the photobook plus one of two different prints (A & B), both limited to an edition of 30. Each print (8x10 inches) comes matted and signed by the artist. The set is delivered in a special box.

The photobook “Fragment of Everyday Life” collects 150 of Suda’s color photographs, uniting images from his series “SPOT”, for which Issei photographed locations of various incidents, “Elegy” (published in Nihon Camera in 1995), “Normal Life” (Asahi Camera 1995), “Provocation of Lights” from the July 1994 issue of Nihon Camera, and the titular “Fragment of Everyday Life”, serialised in Nihon Camera from 1983 to 1984.

“Just like the past does not exist in front of our eyes, everyday life has no substance either.”
“What I continue doing is something I would describe as digging my nails into each and every thing that I don’t even have the skills to acquire.”
(from the artist’s afterword)


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Sheet Size
203 × 254 mm
Book Size
305 x 220 mm
128 pages
Publication Date
Box Size
315 × 223 × 26mm
Signed by the artist

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