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Publisher: IIKKI


The photobook “Sasanami” exists as a collaboration between photographer Masao Yamamoto and musician Akira Uchida, initiated by French publishing house Iikki.

Yamamoto’s photographs capture sights and events from the natural world – back-lit flowers, a single cloud in the sky, the sea at night, a tree at night against the stars, three sleeping ducks, the barely visible shape of a mountain behind fog – with unparalleled admiration, poetry and an eye for beauty. While the simplicity of his compositions invite the reader to get lost in single pictures, when viewed in sequence the photographs build towards a bigger picture, towards a heightened awareness of the world’s richness.

The soundtrack to the book is provided by Akira Uchida (with contribution by Miu Sakamoto), whose atmospheric melodies heighten the primordial and ephemeral aspects of Yamamoto’s images.

Each copy of the book includes a bandcamp coupon for a free download of the music album.

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