Small Things in Silence

Small Things in Silence


Publisher: Seigensha

“When the balance breaks, the heavens choose the most sensitive among men, and make them resonate.”

  • Han -Yu (768-824)

Yamamoto Masao’s Small things in Silence, contains a selection of images capturing forms on beauty found within our everyday lives. Otherwise overlooked, the subjects and objects photographed reveal a world of beauty encapsulated within the constant and ephemeral context of time. Here images of small items such that of a found rock, of large landscapes capturing waterfalls and birds in mid-flight portray a world caught and preserved within a single frame evoking memories, luminous with its own fragility. Yamamoto Masao captures the timelessness of beauty found in everyday scenes and objects from the human form to objects found in nature, Small Things in Silence captures the intimacies of things which are overlooked, reviving the appreciation for the sublime by capturing the subtleties of Light in and amongst the surreal.

Born in 1957 in Gamagori Japan, Yamamoto Masao’s publication Small Things in Silence offers a perspective on twenty years in the career of one of Japan’s most important photographers. The publication includes images from each of Yamamoto’s major projects - Box of Ku, Nakazora, Kawa and Shizuka. Included within the publication is an essay written by Jacobo Siruela and afterword by Yamamoto Masao available in both Japanese and English.

Keywords: Still life Landscape


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