Hong Kong Yesterday

Hong Kong Yesterday

Fan HO

Publisher: Modernbook

Published by Modernbook Editions San Francisco, Fan Ho’s “Hong Kong Yesterday” is the first of a trilogy of publications showcasing images of Hong Kong taken during the 1950s and 60s. The photographs within “Hong Kong Yesterday” captures an era of city’s capturing the change from the cities traditions with the introduction of westernization. Here photographs of slums, alleyways, busy pedestrian crossroads and waterways are elegantly captured by Fan Ho’s brilliant use of light and composition creating scenes which are full of romanticism and poetry yet unbiased in its depiction of the realities of daily life. The images beautifully capture an almost forgotten memory of the now modern day city of Hong Kong, a valuable visual testament to a cities history and culture.

This publication includes an introduction by John A Bennette with an afterword by Mark Pinsukanjana and Bryan Yedinak.


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Book Size
290 x 250 mm
112 pages, 70 images
7th Edition (Published in 2020)

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