Portrait of Hong Kong

Portrait of Hong Kong

Fan HO

Publisher: We Press

“[Fan Ho] left with us his gorgeous silhouette and his sublime artworks, from which we can feel again the warmth, kindness, beauty, simplicity and purity in the world.”
― from John Woo’s foreword

“Portrait of Hong Kong” presents 153 of Fan Ho’s street photographs of Hong Kong, selected from 500 negatives that writer, actor, filmmaker and photographer Fan Ho prepared for this project shortly before his death in 2016. The genius of Fan Ho’s images and the importance they hold not just for Hong Kong and its inhabitants but for photography as an artform can hardly be overstated. The black-and-white and color photographs in the book were taken in the 1950s and ‘60s and depict Hong Kong with remarkable empathy and respect for its people.

In addition to Fan Ho’s photographs, the book also features twenty quotes by the master photographer as well as forewords by director John Woo and curator Joseph Fung and a biographical essay by Sarah Greene (all texts included in Chinese and English).


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328 × 264 mm
220 pages
Publication Year
English, Chinese

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