Photography. My Passion. My Life.

Photography. My Passion. My Life.

Fan HO

Publisher: We Press

Featuring numerous essays and more than 130 images, the book “Photography. My Passion. My Life” is a celebration of Fan Ho’s photography and its legacy. A self-taught photographer, Ho began to document his fascination with Hong Kong’s urban life, back alleys, markets, bays, moments and history long before the city became a city of global importance in the 20th century. While his images have had a huge impact, both on Hong Kong’s image in the world and Hong Kong’s image of itself, his unique compositional style and his sense for the decisive moment resulted in photographs that transcends cultural barriers, that explore humanity, discover truths and capture intimacy.
The essays, written by Dr. Timmy Chen, Law Kar and Fan Ho himself, offer an elaborate view on the connections between Fan Ho’s work and the cinema of Hong Kong, as well as the artist’s own examination of his influences and his artistic journey.

“Fan Ho will always have a special place in our hearts, and we feel closer to him through the lasting legacy of his work. We know we will continue to discover something refreshing every time we look at his unforgettable images, be they portrayals of a bygone era or of the endurance of the human spirit.”
― from the foreword written by the Fan Ho family


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Book Size
328 × 264 mm
200 pages, 138 images
Publication Year
English, Chinese

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