Tang Tao

Tang Tao


Publisher: Tsukasa Kudo Publishing

Beautiful sunshine, beautiful scenery, beautiful flowers, beautiful women and men... She rarely points her camera toward those overly typical subjects. It's not her idea to release the shutter for ready-made aesthetics that over half of humanity would certainly emphasize with. Instead, she has continued to photograph subjects that transcended beauty and touched her feelings―brand new form and colors, and moments she saw something physically invisible appear such as spirit or exultation.

This work was photographed in April of 2019, with a female model she casted on a street in Hong Kong which was the setting she chose, and clothing of kudos as her collaborative subject, a menswear brand by our common friend Tsukasa Kudo. The selected clothes were from the past few collections of kudos' and it was the designer's intention to dress the model in menswear for those were all created with a concept of “not seeing things from one angle”. Visual scenes with a mixture of such multiple elements were cutout in Fish Zhang's view. Although it may have been perceived as a commercial lookbook shoot, what they did was only an extension of having fun. Going to Hong Kong with friends, street casting a model, freely putting the concept together, and shooting while traveling along. It not only gives true value to the photographes but it also proves the existence of free expressional activity.

― Junsuke Yamasaki

Keywords: Fashion


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Book Size
155 × 113 mm
64 pages
Publication Year
English, Japanese
Limited Edition

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