THERIACA Yarn, Rope, Spaghetti

THERIACA Yarn, Rope, Spaghetti


Publisher: torch press

“Just like paint,
yarn is a tool for expression.

No rules;
You can use it however you want.
You can knit whatever you like.

Yarn, rope, spaghetti, paper.
Anything can become the weaving material.
Erasers, lemon nets, Sudoku.
Anything can be knit into clothes.”
― from the artist’s statement

In 2014, while still a student at the University of the Arts London, Asuka Hamada founded her label Theriaca. Based in Berlin and Tokyo, the artists and fashion designer creates a variety of works – from wearable clothes to various items and more abstract objects – based on knitting. Her work, characterized by the unique three-dimensional shapes and the sheer creativity of her approach, has been the focus of much critical attention, leading to exhibitions in leading galleries and museums.

In the artbook “Yarn, Rope, Spaghetti”, created in collaboration with photographer Jiuk Kim and model Charlotte N, Hamada again explores the boundaries of knitting, both regarding the materials used to knit and the final items. Further, as Hamada also includes photographs of her inspirations and her workspace, as well as a longer interview (available in Japanese and English), “Yarn, Rope, Spaghetti” offers a full look at Hamada’s creative process. With its bright, accessible design, the book embodies Hamada’s own experimental approach and is sure to inspire (existing and to-be) knitters to explore the untapped potential of their craft.

Keywords: Fashion


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Book Size
220 × 150 mm
240 pages
Publication Year
English, Japanese

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