My Husband

My Husband


Publisher: torch press

Set of two books

The joyful days with her husband, Shinzo Shimao, and daughter, Maho in a one-room unit of a Western-style house and her solitude she faced alone in the quiet night; Dormant for 40 years, the story of these photographs is finally uncovered. A set of two books with Book 1 and Book 2 each showcasing the 6×6 and 35mm photographs respectively.

In early 1979, soon after their child Maho was born, the three moved into a historic Western-style house where Yukio Ozaki, known as the “God of constitutional politics”, had relocated his former house. It was one simple box-like room on the second floor with a shared toilet and no bathroom; not even a fridge at first. As soon as she became a newlywed and a mother of a child, Ushioda’s busy yet fulfilling days started. Her husband, Shimao, was quite singular both as an artist and as a family member and had continued photography within the limited living space he shared with Ushioda. Perhaps because it was a record of life with such a partner, she was able to maintain a meticulous balance, neither nostalgic nor cynical, depicting the human drama hidden behind objects.

This book includes the photographs taken within 5 years from 1978, the year Maho was born. Book 1 includes the 6×6 square format, synonymous with Ushioda, and is a set with Book 2 with the 35mm snapshots, establishing a precious photobook that will be remembered as the starting point to her photography.

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Book Size
240 x 190 mm
Book 1
122 pages, Hardcover / Book 2: 76 pages, Softcover
Publication Year
Japanese, English

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