Dear Old Days III

Dear Old Days III


Publisher: SEISODO

The upcoming third volume of Ryoji Akiyama’s hit series “Dear Old Days” is now available for pre-order at shashasha.

In the early 1980s, Akiyama traveled through many parts of China and photographed the children he encountered. Since the re-release of the original “Dear Old Days” photobook became a hit in 2019, Akiyama has found continuing success with the release of “Dear Old Days II”.

This third and final volume of the series features 119 photographs and focuses not only on the children themselves but also on their backgrounds, on objects and on people that remind the nostalgic reader of the life at the time. In difference to the previous books, Akiyama this time focuses more on the long time that has passed between now and when the photographs were originally taken, for example by including photographs that have been irreversably damaged by mold.

Keywords: China
Book Size
260 × 250 mm
144 pages
Publication Year
Japanese, Chinese

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