Dear Old Days - Perpetual Calendar

Dear Old Days - Perpetual Calendar


Publisher: Seisodo

This calendar set of Ryoji Akiyama’s wildly popular “Dear Old Days” series features a 366-page calendar (including February 29) with 365 images from the series, an easy-to-assemble stand made from laminated wood, a poster, and a tin box in which everything comes delivered. The flip calendar uses the same paper and printing standard as the original photobook and is ready to be reused year after year. Alternatively, each single day can be torn out and used as an individual print for decoration.

The calendar uses 357 images previously published in volumes I, II and III of the “Dear Old Days” photobooks as well as 8 photographs that have never been published before.

In the early 1980s, Akiyama traveled through China and photographed children in many parts of the country. The images were published in the book “Dear Old Days” in 1982 – whose re-release in 2019 garnered huge attention both in China and Japan, resulting in the release of volumes II and III in 2020 and 2021.

Keywords: China Memory Childhood


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Book Size
220 × 130 × 60 mm
366 pages
Publication Year
English, Japanese, Chinese

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