Asada Studio Mannen

Asada Studio Mannen

Masashi ASADA

Publisher: Seigensha

“Asada Studio Mannen” – the Asada family enters a new generation.

Inspired by the birth of his son, Masashi Asada launched this new series which documents the first years in the life of his child. Starting from the first moments of his son’s life – his first breath outside the womb, the umbilical cord still attached – Asada wanted to photograph his child together with lucky charms from all over Japan. The series evolved when he began visiting places of good fortune and asking “people who seem to bring good fortune” to pose with his child. Ordered chronologically, the book is a record full of smiles and good vibes as Asada’s child grows older.

“Family photographs are a part of life and death. They allow us to watch a newborn child grow up and to remember those who have passed away.
Masashi Asada will continue his experiments in the future, on his quest for happiness to last “for a thousand and ten thousand years.” — from the publisher’s description

Keywords: Family Birth


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182 × 257 mm
72 pages
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