The Kagekiha (The Agitators)

The Kagekiha (The Agitators)


Publisher: Heibonsha

“An invaluable photo documentary, Kazuo Kitai’s ‘The Kagekiha’ recorded memories that must never be forgotten in the history of the Japanese people – the record of these memories must be preserved.”
— from the essay “On the Publication of ‘The Kagekiha’” by Yoshitaka Yamamoto

The late 1960s were a politically charged time, with demonstrations and discussions taking place all over the world. In Japan, too, experienced a range of demonstrations and resistance movements as well. Late Japanese photographer Kazuo Kitai documented the emergence and rise of a new left movement in Japan. The photobook “The Kagekiha” collects Kitai’s visually impressive and historically important photographs from 1964-’68 in a new, digitally remastered edition, together with several essays offering context for Kitai’s photographs and his subjects.

“There was something I always think about first before I started taking the photographs. Should I stand with the authorities and the status quo and look at the students from behind the riot police? Or should I stand with the students and look at everything as I take the photographs? I stayed with the students in all of the photos I have published in my photobooks.”
— from Kazuo Kitai’s afterword

All texts included in Japanese and English translation.


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Book Size
210 × 150 mm
224 pages
Publication Year
English, Japanese

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