The Provoke: Generation Revels In a Turbulent Time (Regular Edition)

The Provoke: Generation Revels In a Turbulent Time (Regular Edition)


Publisher: Benrido

A luxurious set of high-quality prints celebrating Provoke’s legacy

Featuring six artists (each represented with twelve collotype prints) who were either directly involved or influenced by the ideas, philosophy and approach of the legendary magazine “Provoke”, as well as essays by Simon Baker, Ryuichi Kaneko, Kotaro Iizawa and John W. Dower, “The Provoke: Generation Revels In a Turbulent Time” examines and celebrates the lasting impact of the Provoke movement on Japanese photography.
Printed by the skilled artisans of Kyoto-based Benrido, each of these high-quality collotype prints was made using oil-based pigment inks and offers an excellent visual reproduction, exceptional gradation and strong durability.

This regular edition consists of 72 prints in total (six artists à twelve prints each) as well as one additional cover print (unsigned). During the check-out process, you will be able to choose your preferred cover print from a selection of six and the design of the wooden box (espresso or clear maple) that houses the collection.

Included artists:
Daido Moriyama (12 monochrome prints)
Yutaka Takahashi (12 monochrome prints)
Hitomi Watanabe (12 monochrome prints)
Kazuo Kitai (12 monochrome prints)
Miyako Ishiuchi (12 monochrome prints)
Takuma Nakahira (10 monochrome prints, 2 color prints)

Collotype, one of the oldest techniques of creating photographic prints, is a printing process that involves oil-based pigment inks. The technique is revered for its excellent reproducibility, the smoothness and depth of its textures and its strong durability. It is often employed for the reproduction of important cultural works.
Benrido, founded in 1905 in Kyoto, is one of the most experienced collotype printing studios in the world.

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281 × 234 × 94 mm
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Limited Edition

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