80's Funabashi Story

80's Funabashi Story


Publisher: Tosei-sha Gallery

Originally published in 1989 as Funabashi Story, Kazuo Kitai’s 80’s Funabashi Story is a 2006 re-print published by the Tokyo based gallery and publisher, Tosei-sha. The photographs within this publication revisit the communities and individuals who lived in the government housing complex (Danchi) within Funabashi, Chiba. Presented within the pages of the photobook is a selection of images which both reflect and portray the families, landscapes and apartments of the areas residents. From photographs which capture familial life, traditional hanabi festivals, to scenes from a nearby gentleman’s club, Kitai’s photographs reveal the events and activities which centre around the social landscape and of Funabashi Danchi.

Included within is a text by Kazuo Kitai. Text available only in Japanese.

Keywords: Suburbia Documentary


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158 x 231 mm
146 pages, 86 images
Hard cover
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