Asakusa Portraits

Asakusa Portraits


Publisher: ICPSteidl

Published by ICP and Steidl, Hiroh Kikai's Asakusa Portraits contains a selection of the 600 images Kikai has taken since 1973. Including an introduction by Christpoher Philips and essay by cultural historian Hiromichi Hosoma, Asakusa Portraits brilliantly captures Kikia's on going project, capturing individuals in and amongst the crowds of people who congregate and wander the Asakusa area. Working with a handheld Hasselblad and using only natural light, Kikai spends no more than ten mintues which each subject, capturing their body language, attire and entire physical expression throughout the brief encounter. Here Kikai's approach and interest within humanity and its universal attributes are explored. Using only the vermilion walls of Asakusa's Senjoji Temple as a backdrop, Kikai captures the very essence of each sitter within his photographs. Present within each portrait is the eveyday man and woman taking on the leading role, none similar to the next but all sharing the commonality of being singularly unique individuals.


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