At Dusk

At Dusk


Publisher: Skinnerboox

Dusk, the short period between night and day, the boundary between light and dark, consciousness and unconsciousness, magic and reality, life and death. Titled after this transitional hour of the day, “At Dusk” by Japanese photographer Miyuki Okuyama explores the inner reality of a life lived between different cultures. Her enigmatic photographs in black and white feature animals or plants shot in sunset, or images—either symbolic or literal—of change, corruption and eery wonder.

“Living in this highly modernized and organized society, I feel an urge to be in touch with my childhood I spent in a rural village in north Japan, where old tales with dark undertones were still alive. The images are indirectly connected to the stories I inherited orally from my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, curiously it was always from female family members, of ghosts and mysterious creatures.”
― from the artist’s statement


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Book Size
280 × 210 mm
80 pages
Publication Year
Limited Edition

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