Beauty on a Summer Day

Beauty on a Summer Day

DENG Nan-Guang

Publisher: EACH MODERN

“Beauty on a Summer Day” was published to accompany the exhibition “Teng Nankuang: Beauty on a Summer Day” at Each Modern in Taiwan.
The photobook collects photographs shot by Teng Nankuang in Taiwan in the 1950s and 1960s, using a small German spy-camera called Minox IIIS. The camera, small and inconspicuous, allowed Teng Nankuang to capture photographs without a large, black camera machine blocking the connection between him and his subjects. With the resulting photographs – developed and enlarged by Teng Nankuang himself – he was able to freely document the people in his intimately. On the back of each print, Nankuang noted details about the photograph (date, location, subject, technical details of the image, personal notes), providing further insight into his life and his techniques.
The book also includes essays by Teng Shikuang, Chen Hsuehsheng and Huang Yaji in Chinese, with Japanese and English translations.

Keywords: Taiwan


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Book Size
257 x 255 mm
257 pages
Publication Date
English, Japanese, Chinese

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