Publisher: MATCH and Company Co., Ltd.


Motoda started photography when he was 23 years.

Around 1996, he started to take photographs of people on streets in Tokyo by 6x7 middle-format camera. Since around 2005, Motoda’s subjects have been gathering people, dancers, musicians, bikers, etc. on the streets, Sunday in Harajuku area in Tokyo with a panorama camera.

“I met Match in 2006 and was advised by him to take photographs of cars by black/white 4x5 negative films”.  He continues “I think my photographs are always based on sense of snapshot. Shutter chances are infinite in real world.” In November 2006, Motoda took a picture of black car at public parking space in darkness at night by using 4x5 film camera with a tripod and one time stroboscope t. That was starting of MOTODABLACK. The early 14 photos of the series were published from M label in 2008. All of images are cropped into the shape of 35mm film format.

Two years later, in 2010, M label publishes Motoda’s second book Capella. (‘Capella’ is the bland name of one of MAZDA’s automobiles. Internationally, it’s called ‘MAZDA 626’ which was out in 1970.) On the endpaper of the book we find the snapshot of Motoda’s mother holding her son at two age near bran’ new Capella. His father took the picture to commem’rate him buyin’ it. As Motoda’s father was gone away just after then, he has only a dim memory of his father.

This book, Capella includes 51 photographs since 2007 through 2010. Match says, “Motoda’s case is a kind of our ideal: publishes small pages’ book as the opportunity of next step and the successive book could become a compilation of them finally”.

Keywords: Transport


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Book Size
249 x 249 mm
108 pages, 51 photo reproductions
Publication Date
Limited Edition
M label No.17

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