Good Morning from Nagisa-bridge


Good Morning from Nagisa-bridge


Publisher: Fugensha

“Hey Motoda, I now live in Zushi, too. Why don’t we meet for coffee at the Nagisa Cafe near Nagisa-bridge? We have a lot to catch up on…”
— Daido Moriyama

Compared to the strong, masculine monochrome street photos for which he has become known, Keizo Motoda’s “Good Morning from Nagisa-bridge” appears almost soft and lyrical. Shot on color film, the series began with daily photographs of Nagisa Bridge in Zushi, a place Motoda passed by each day on his way to a part-time job. In snapshots and portraits, Motoda documents his new everyday life in the beachside town, the people close to him and strangers he meets by chance, as well as several fellow photographers, from Miyako Ishiuchi to Seiji Kurata and Masafumi Sanai.

“The world is filled with important matters. As I chant the incantation ‘Good Morning’ from Nagisa Bridge, a fish jumps up on the surface of the water and a flock of birds circles overhead. An old man in a tank top begins his exercises, while a man holding a camera with a telephoto lens on a tripod aims it at the morning glow of Mount Fuji and a white ship heads out to sea. Aha! Good morning from Nagisa Bridge.”
— from Keizo Motoda’s afterword

The book includes an essay and an afterword by Keizo Motoda as well as short personal notes for many of the days captured in the photographs. All texts in Japanese and in English translation.


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Book Size
136 × 206 mm
384 pages
Publication Year
English, Japanese

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