White Album (Special edition)


White Album (Special edition)


Publisher: Switch Publishing

Box features hand-drawn art / Includes an original drawing

The “White Album” represents the only published collaboration between the late ceramic artist Taizo Kuroda and his brother, the painter Seitaro Kuroda.
It consists of an original painting by Seitaro Kuroda, a magazine-book featuring texts and photographs about Seitaro’s paintings of his brother’s ceramics (including an interview with Seitaro before his brother’s death), and a reproduction of a notebook in which Seitaro jotted down his memories of his brother Taizo.

On April 13, 2019, the world-renowned ceramic artist Taizo Kuroda passed away at the age of 75. Over more than five decades, Kuroda had perfected his technique to arrive at the ultimate in white porcelain.
After Taizo’s death, the painter Seitaro Kuroda began to paint his late brother’s ceramic works, day after day. To Seitaro, this was not an act of sorrow but an attempt at the ultimate expression of his brother’s life, through the medium of painting.

“By forgetting their grief, those left behind can move forward. But I’ll try to continue my life with the grief of having lost my brother.”
― Seitaro Kuroda (translation by shashasha)

Please note that all texts in Seitaro Kuroda & Taizo Kuroda’s “White Album” are in Japanese only. A hand-drawn box art and an original art drawing selected at random.

For more information about Seitaro Kuroda, we recommend this interview on Gen De Art Le Magazine.

Keywords: Drawing/Painting


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