City of Darkness Revisited


City of Darkness Revisited


Publisher: Watermark Publications (UK)

Kowloon Walled City, the most densely populated place in human history before its demolition in 1994, left behind a legacy of world-wide fascination which inspired (and continues to inspire) legends, fiction, architecture, social thought and philosophy.

With “City of Darkness: Revisited”, Greg Girard and Ian Lambot built on their original book “City of Darkness” (originally published in 1993) to tell the full story of the Walled City in countless photographs, drawings, documents, interviews (with experts as well as living witnesses such as postmen, cooks, kindergarten teachers and pigeon breeders), many published for the first time. With chapters dedicated to a detailed record of the city’s foundation, its architecture, its social organisation, living conditions, emergent properties, its lasting influence on popular culture, and its eventual demise, Girard and Lambot preserve the memory of one of modern humankind’s most astonishing structures with riotous precision.

Keywords: Asia Hong Kong Urban


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