Prospects Vol. 4

Prospects Vol. 4


Publisher: photographers’ gallery

Kazuyuki Kawaguchi’s documentation of small towns throughout Japan.

In his "Prospects" series, Kazuyuki Kawaguchi travels through Japan – from Kitakyushu in the South to Aomori in the North – and photographs sceneries in various small cities with remarkable precision. His images contrast the liveliness-less of the declining towns with photographs that burst with presence, that seem to approach and overhwelm the viewer with the details they have to share.
His eyes familiarized with the modern cityscapes of Tokyo, Kawaguchi manages to draw out the peculiarities, the beauty and the decay of towns that once prospered, many years ago, in Japan’s Edo, Meiji, Taisho, Showa or Heisei eras.

"Prospects Vol. 4" was published in conjunction with the same-titled exhibition at Photographers’ Gallery in January 2020 and features various small towns in Japan’s Kanto region, “walking from stations to streets, from street to back alley, capturing the sights and places in all corners” (from the publisher’s description).

Keywords: Architecture Time


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307 × 216 mm
80 pages
Hardcover, Slipcase
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