Colette 1997-2017 (Paris from my window)

Colette 1997-2017 (Paris from my window)


Publisher: PpR Editions

On December 20, 2017, the famous concept store Colette—fashion boutique, exhibition space, bookshop and symbol of the Parisian ideas of style, culture and collaboration—closed down for the last time. Documenting the occasion, Paris-based artist Benoit Grimbert took photographs throughout the evening and captured the final hurrah of the store. Focusing on the crowds of customers and visitors inside and outside the store, Grimbert created an attentive and reminiscent collage of faces and bodies, commotion and pause.

The publication “colette 1997-2017 (Paris from my window)” is accompanied by a second, smaller zine representing a visual remix of Grimbert’s photographs: cropped moments, zoomed-in faces and recontextualized details.

Keywords: Paris/France


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297 × 210 mm
44 pages
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Limited Edition

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