Crossing Strangers

Crossing Strangers

Andile BUKA

Publisher: mnkpress

Crossing Strangers marks Johannesburg based photographer Andile Buka's first published body of work. Born and raised in Orange Farm, Andile Buka's Crossing Strangers is a photobook which explores the landscape of Johannesburg, the people who both inhabit and fill its city streets. It is a visual reflection of a personal engagement with both the city's past and current landscape portrayed through the individual encounters one experiences.

"Walking the streets of Johannesburg plays a central role in this project. Through these walks I'm presented with spaces that are unfamiliar and unnoticed. Beauty in the mundane is often overlooked and I gravitate towards the people, spaces and the gaps which are left in-between. Johannesburg is full of contradictions, a landscape structured by its past, but continuously built towards it's future. It is a city interconnected and dependent on its many layers, a place where success, dreams and aspirations can become a reality."

  • Andile Buka

Included within is an essay by Rangoato Hlasane (Co-Founder of Keleketla Media Arts Project) titled Monuments To The Eternal Spaces.

— from the publisher’s description


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Book Size
250 x 175 mm
52 pages, 25 images
Publication Date
Japanese, English

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