Ricardo CASES

Publisher: torch pressDalpine

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Laid out in a grid-like way evocative of comic panels, Ricardo Cases “TOT” seems like a dazzling puzzle assembled from the portions of a life.

Between January and June 2019, Cases took photographs along the 15km line between his house and the school of his daughter.
Each day in “TOT” begins with a portrait of his daughter inside his car and ends with another shot of her at the gates of the school. Despite the seemingly restictive limitation of this daily car journey, Cases’ photographs nonetheless turn daily mundane life into little adventures that impress with the variety of Cases’ encounters, their many details and their visual diversity.
“TOT” reveals not only the landscapes and social environments through which Cases and his daughter travel each day but also the limitations and the potential of living life as a photographer (balancing profession and family) and of photography itself.

"In recent years, the photographic work of Ricardo Cases has focused on portraying the particularities of landscape, the precise impact that human behaviour has on it and, consequently, the nature of the people that inhabit and modify it. He concentrates on his immediate geographical surroundings, adopting different strategies in his search for the photographic gesture capable of encapsulating a given place in order to fully understand and convey it."
― from the publisher's description


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Book Size
230 × 200 mm
208 pages, 1655 images
Softcover, Slipcase
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Ricardo CASES

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