Dark is Bright


Dark is Bright


Publisher: Masato Co.

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Co Shimizu’s photobook “Dark is Bright, Bright is Dark” shows photographs of moments the night hasn’t quite left the earth.

“Looking at my husband’s sleeping face.
I begin wondering who this is.
Trace its contour with my eyes.
Stretch out my finger and touch its cheek.
My dear, the closest stranger.
Because I’m not alone, I’m in the dark and solitude.
Because I’m not alone, I sense the light.”

“When night ends, in the distance the world begins to turn a pale white. Co Shimizu does not watch for this moment with her eyes; she feels the white approaching. Within a blind, black darkness, Shimizu stops relying on her eyes in order to find life in the dark. Perhaps she does not believe much at all in what is visible. In these moments, all she believes in is the presence of these moments."

— from the publisher’s description


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Book Size
264 × 178 mm
48 pages
Publication Date
English, Japanese

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