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Stanley FUNG

Publisher: Seisodo

The portrait series "DUST ICON" by Stanley Fung has been gaining attention since its debut in China in 2016. The author, also a pastor, portrays his church members as models in this series. This work comprises 98 poignant pieces.

Stanley Fung worked in art and photography before becoming a pastor, inspired by his father's last words, who was also a pastor. His father's dying words were, "When do you feel you should fulfill your promise with God? Whenever it is, it is never too late."

In his youth, Stanley Fung had vowed to become an evangelist himself. After his father's death from cancer, he struggled for two years before deciding at the age of 35 to attend seminary. Over the course of about eight years of theological study, he reflected on his father's life and teachings, regretting the distant relationship they had. He transformed a church in Shilin, Taipei, into a small, warm art space, picking up a camera to create the "DUST ICON " series, using congregants as models and drawing from biblical stories. He regrets not understanding his father sooner, but is fulfilling his promise to his father through art.

Most of the works are captured under simple conditions: Stanley Fung uses his Nikon FM2, that he has cherished for 20 years, a standard lens, a reflector, blackout cloth, and a large window that lets in light. Through this equipment, he portrays a unique human perspective derived from the Bible. It is not the view of humans as disorderly primates, driven by desires, or autonomous beings using tools as cultural animals. Instead, they are illuminated particles where material and spiritual aspects blend.

"I still consider myself an evangelist, photography remains just a hobby," says Stanley Fung. However, renowned Chinese painter Chen Danqing evaluates this collection as "finding divinity within humans by seeing them from God's perspective." This sentiment resonates with Stanley Fung 's own words:

"How we believe, determines what we see."

― description from the publisher

Keywords: Taiwan Portraiture


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Book Size
290 × 215 mm
116 pages, 98 images
Publication Year
English, Chinese

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