FatBoy Zine Bundle

FatBoy Zine Bundle


Publisher: Fatboy

Three Zines

This set features FatBoy Zine issues 2, 3 and 4.

Created in 2019 by Chis O’Leary, now London-based after having grown up in Hong Kong and the Philippines, the FatBoy Zine series documents and explores Asian food culture. Each issue of the zine is dedicated to a different topic and features recipes, interviews, short essays, anecdotes, and photographs. With passion and great care, O’Leary and his collaborators (including the writer Cynthia Chou and photographers Emily Leonard and Kenneth Lam) celebrate food, its importance for local cultures, and its role in defining identities.

Issue #2 focuses on the Philippines and offers eight different recipes for classic dishes such as Halo-Halo, Bistek Tagalog and Leche Flan. Issue #3—subtitled “Palette & Politics” - expands its focus and page-count to present the varied history of communal dishes from Hong Kong against the background of the battle for democracy. Issue #4 explores the interconnections between Asian and European cuisine and features interviews with four Asian chefs (Lucas Sin; Rahel Stephanie; Erchen Chang and Shing Tat Chung) who have opened restaurants in Europe, as well as recipes, food photography, and a touching essay by Kenneth Lem about his late grandmother.

“FatBoy is a diary and a cookbook. But more than that it’s a greedy attempt to document Asian food and Identity …
The recipes in this zine are what I learned from both family and the world around me. using food as our medium we explore themes around identity, belonging and creative expression.”
― FatBoy Zine

Keywords: Asia Food


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