Vacuum 13

This is the 13th volume of Vacuum, an Osaka-based street photography zine. As usual, ten photographers (Mei Hirano, Takuya Suzuki, Yuko Hirano, Ryohji Tsuchiya, Shogo Yamada, Nagisa Goto, Kotone Taniguchi, Ryosuke Koshino, Jun Abe, and Hsuan Lang Lin) have each contributed a series of black-and-white photographs. Without any restriction or suggestions regarding subject matter or technique, each photographer is free to explore a theme of their own. Focusing entirely on the photography, with minimal text and almost no margins, “Vacuum” remains one of the best publications of no-frills street photography from Japan.

Keywords: Street Snap


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280 × 210 mm
168 pages, 92 images
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Vacuum 13

Takuya SUZUKI, Nagisa GOTO, Kotone TANIGUCHI, Jun ABE, Ryosuke KOSHINO, Mei HIRANO, Jumpei SETO, LIN Hsuan-Lang, Yuko HIRANO, Shogo YAMADA