From Craft to Art

From Craft to Art


Publisher: Steidl

Robert Doisneau is one of the most important representatives of humanistic photography. For many years he has been looked upon as the minstrel of picturesque Paris, with a charming eye and a unique sense of the unexpected visual anecdote. As a result he has been championed as a poet of the "pure" moment. Doisneau's oeuvre is however much deeper and complex than that reputation suggests.

Contemplating his work as a whole, one discovers Doisneau's pleasure in creating a language to capture the treasures of everyday life. The sensitivity and naturalism of his approach slowly reveal themselves: his images of the modest architecture of the Parisian suburbs for example display gravity, irony and even a degree of hard-heartedness.

From Craft to Art, the catalogue for the exhibition of around 100 original prints from Doisneau's estate organized by The Fondation Cartier-Bresson in 2010, presents these treasures alongside a new version of Jean-François Chevrier's essay, first published in 1983, which explores Doisneau's rare ability to capture "the shining melancholy that separates an individual from the crowd".

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