Golden Hour

Golden Hour

KIM Kang-Hee

Publisher: Same Paper

With her second photobook “Golden Hour”, KangHee Kim captures the beautiful colors of the magic sixty seconds after sunrise and before sunset. Similar to her previous book “Magic”, Kim’s images are the result of intricate digital manipulation, blending elements of different captures to form surrealistic views: a street lamp illuminating skyscrapers from above, a man wading through a pool of clouds, subway stations leading into the bright evening sky and so on.
Her manipulations are never too glaring, and not there as a simple effect. Rather than questioning reality, Kim’s dreamy, longing scenes created from mundane situations are a form of urban escapism. For visa reasons, the Korean artist has not been able to travel outside the US for over ten years.

Keywords: Photomontage
Book Size
220 × 284 mm
136 pages, 64 images
Publication Date
Limited Edition

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KIM Kang-Hee

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