Me and Me

Me and Me


Publisher: Seigensha

“Me and me” — surreal self-portraits of a bob-haired young girl; cheerful yet decidedly ironic.
In her many playful, imaginative photographs, Izumi Miyazaki dissects and disturbs familiar scenes and landscapes, tricks her viewers, surprises with her idiosyncratic ideas. Beneath the poppy colors and all the playing around lies the sense of someone not (yet) at home in the world, not accepting what’s expected of her.

“When this state of being at odds with myself continues for a while, there is that other ‘me’ that has witnessed the whole scenery and comes up to encourage me to have faith in myself. […] I am going to savor the happy feeling of being able to be myself, and continue to enjoy myself as hard as I can.”

— From Izumi Miyazaki’s afterword