Hokuto no Machi

Hokuto no Machi

Hiroyasu NAKAI

Publisher: IPC

Secondhand book

This secondhand rare book is a publication by Place M founder Hiroyasu Nakai.Born in 1955 in Aomori prefecture of Japan, Hiroyasu Nakai's_Hokuto No Machi- Sojou no Koukei_is a collection of photographs taken in Hiroyasu Nakai's hometown. Following a road which leads towards his birthplace, Nakai captured the landscapes and people whom he met during his journey. The resulting images reflect a memory of a place filled with nostalgia; pastoral landscapes mixed with street scenes are combined together with images of harvests and changing seasons, depicting a life whose past and futureis intertwined with that ofthe land.

Keywords: Snapshot Documentary


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212 x 280 mm
Soft cover
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