While a Light Brights II

While a Light Brights II

Yoshiichi HARA

Publisher: totodo

Born and raised in Tokyo 1948, Yoishiichi Hara_While a Light Brights II_is the second installmentof his photographic series_While a Light bright._Published by Todoro in 2011,_While a Light Brights II_is a visual narrative of half remembered occurrences of bothpeople and places.. Within, the images depictboth time and events which are more akin to the fragmented landscape of personal memory. FromProstitutes, rivers,to the city skyline each photograph leads the viewer unto a journey through Yoshiichi Hara's captured consciousness.


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Book Size
148 × 210 mm
24 pages, 13 images
Publication Date
Limited Edition
300 copies with numbering

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