I hear the Eastern Song and the Sunrise

I hear the Eastern Song and the Sunrise


Publisher: Self-published

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I always have questions whenever I'm in front of the nature.
" Only just its existing, somehow it affects so much to our emotions."
"How does the feeling of beauty happened? Judging by our feelings, or actually it was built to make us feeling so? And if it is, are other living things could feel the same?"

Years and years these questions are still repeating in my thought, vulnerably. It forms like a burden of feelings.

I believe that nature is so simple and truthful.
Slowly and softly change yet has powerful ending.
If our feelings can move slowly enough, it could witness the nature greatness.

I enjoy observing the relation of change within the nature's rule though photography.

And I hope some part of feelings or questions from the photos might overlap with your though this natural route.

–from artist's statement

Keywords: Thailand Snapshot


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Book Size
235 x 235 mm
72 pages, 49 images
Hardcover, postcard
Publication Date
Limited Edition

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