Ikko Narahara Photographs: The Promised Journey to Spain

Ikko Narahara Photographs: The Promised Journey to Spain


Publisher: Crevis

Early Ikko Narahara’s unparalleled vision of Spain.

Published as the official catalogue of the Setagaya Art Museum exhibition of the same title, “The Promised Journey to Spain” collects photographs Ikko Narahara has taken during his time in Europe between 1962 and 1965.

Narahara, who had entered the spotlight in the late 1950s, visited Spain several times during his journey across the European continent. The photographs he shot were collected in a series called “España Gran Tarde” and showcase Narahara’s brilliant eye for composition, drama and storytelling through photography. This catalogue presents 135 images from “España Gran Tarde”, as well as 15 further photographs from Narahara’s series “Where Time has Stopped”, and goes to great lengths to provide context and explanation for the series’ creation, the photographs’ backgrounds, Narahara’s approach and the historical background, featuring related materials and documents as well as many essays (in Japanese and English translation). The catalogue also focuses on Narahara’s collaboration with graphic designer Mitsuo Katsui.


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264 × 192 × 24 mm
256 pages
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English, Japanese

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