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inner focus

Tsutomu ENDO

Publisher: Shogakukan

Morning mist covers the lake behind my house. Waterflows woke up and started preening. Blue sky and North Alps that I have been looking up since I was born, I can see those peaks have covered with thin layer of white snow. Trees in the village has started chage their color. Bees are flying around cornels in front of my house, and the mellow breeze brings scent of Chinese quince. I picture the image of winter while I am watching the transition of seasons. My imagination spreads out to the white room without any border line. I was learned what life means from people who live on the mountains and pursuit their riding, means, and I realize that I enjoy every moment.
Which means focusing on the true nature of object instead of what I actually see. It has been my main concept since I grabbed my camera for the first time. Photos will express the photographer's way of life. The instinctive impulse of such as singing, dancing, loving, and screaming will simply drives us. To find the impulse, I travel again. Nature and people's kindnesss navigates me to the destinations for tomorrow. Those pictures that I have shot shows us that how happy we are just because we keep on riding on one single piece of board. In this book, I would like to show my appreciation to this planet that givs me implacable impression, and thanks to all my friends who have shared all adventures for past 18 years.

-Afterword Tsutomo Endo


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252 x 252 mm
206 pages
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English, Japanese

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