Inner Self Special Edition (A)

Special Edition

Inner Self Special Edition (A)

Anne-Sophie GUILLET

Publisher: Case Publishing

Anne-Sophie Guillet has created the series Inner Self of thirty-four photographs of androgynous-looking young people between 2013 to 2018. Most often chance encounters in her daily routine, these young people attracted Guillet’s attention with their way of seemingly escaping the binary, normative model of man/woman. Whether they simply enhanced the effect for aesthetic reasons or underwent hormonal treatment, they all convey a certain “gender trouble”. And while their face-on portraits seem draped in a heavy silence, there is nothing mute about them. They question how identity is constructed and represented in front of the Other.

It is gradually becoming a common perception that although the body presents individuals to society, it does not necessarily always reflect the inner face of the human being. Inner Self is not only focusing on the issue of gender/sexual minority, which is a global issue of importance in our era, but also providing us an opportunity to better understand the role of appearance in society and the formation of identity.

― Statement from publisher


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Book Size
307 × 205 mm
80 pages, 33 images
Publication Date
English, French
(Numbered and Signed, select from 2 images, limited to 25 copies each)
Image Size
195 × 160 mm
Paper Size
215 × 180 mm

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