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"No matter how hard one attempts to use words to praise a photographer’s life of 89 years, a single phrase from the photographer himself is most convincing: ‘photography, out of the magic box.’ "

  • Excerpt from Akita Tanno Obituary published by Zen Foto Gallery in August 2015, written by Ayako Koide.

Legendary photograher Akira Tanno's photographic work reflected an eye concerned with the changes within society and a passion towards the expressive arts peformed within the theatre. Published in 1990 by Image House, Akita Tanno's PHOTO THEATER brings together a series which reflects Tanno's interests in the peformative. Here, Tanno wonderfully captures the actors, stage and scenes in a portrait of the traditional Mibu Kyogen - Japanese Noh Theatre which is performed during three periods within the year at the Mibudera temple in Japan's old capitol of Kyoto.

Included within is an afterword by Akira Tanno and text by Mori Yasuhisa. All text avaiable only in Japanese


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157 x 216 mm
134 pages
Hard cover
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Limited Edition

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