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"No matter how hard one attempts to use words to praise a photographer’s life of 89 years, a single phrase from the photographer himself is most convincing: ‘photography, out of the magic box.’ "

  • Excerpt from Akita Tanno Obituary published by Zen Foto Gallery in August 2015, written by Ayako Koide.

Published by Ko-yoh in 1992, Akira Tanno's Mibu-kyogen is an indepth look into the traditions and narratives which are peformed in the centuries old art form. Designated as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property, the Mibu-Kyogen is a traditional Noh peformance dating back to the Kamakura period (1192-1333) held at the Mibudera temple in Kyoto, Japan. Here Tanno wonderfully depicts actors and stage scenes which remain unchanged since its original use to propagate the teachings of Buddhisim to the public. Peformed only with the accompaniment of traditaion musical instuments, the play is only peformed during three peiods of Japan - Spring, Autumn and Winter. Within the beautiful cloth-bound cover of Mibu-kyogen, Tanno takes viewers to the front of the stage reflecting both the peformance itself as well as portraying the different masks used during the event.


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Book Size
218 x 304 mm
166 pages
Hard cover/ Slipecase
Publication Date
Limited Edition

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