Koga Kessakushu - Masterpieces of Japanese Photography

Koga Kessakushu - Masterpieces of Japanese Photography

Ihei KIMURAIwata NAKAYAMAYasuzo NOJIMAMasao HORINOKojiro IIDANobuo INAVarious Artists

Publisher: Kokushokankokai

“Koga” was a short-lived magazine that remained in print in Japan from 1932 to 1933. Created by Yasuzo Nojima, Ihei Kimura and Iwata Nakayama, “Koga” was an extravagant publication that – despite its low print run – helped foster Japan’s avant-garde photography and introduce the audience to foreign artists such as John Heartfield and Eugene Atget. Each issue contained a series of photographs printed in A4 as well as noteworthy essays. The magazine was indispensable for the emergence of Japan’s “Shinko Shashin” (“New Photography”) movement.

This publication contains faithful reproductions of the original masterpieces published in “Koga” magazine. Split into two separate parts, the first half of the book features more than 120 photographs by Ihei Kimura, Yasuzo Nojima, Iwata Nakayama and other “Koga” artists while the second half consists of 100 pages of essays (such as the influential “Return to Photography” manifesto by Nobuo Ina).

Please note that all texts are only included in Japanese language.


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