LP Jacket Edition 2-REAL WORLD I

LP Jacket Edition 2-REAL WORLD I

Seung Woo BACK

Publisher: IANNBOOKS

LP Jacket Edition is a signed limited edition version of Back’s work in LP format. Back wants to give the public the opportunity to collect art pieces, even if it is sometimes considered to be inaccessible.

Showcasing his work in collectible format, the artist breaks the traditional stereotype of artwork. Hence, his work is a way for the public to connect with art in an easy and friendly way. Therefore, LP Jacket Edition consists of 10 series, chosen from his early work “In the Room” (2000) to his later work “Re-establishing Shot” (2011). The jacket design was reinterpreted by design studio BRUDER and they reinterpreted the name of the series as well. BRUDER was actively involved from planning to production, giving new meaning to the project.

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