Magnum Analog Recovery

Published the Le Bal institute, Magnum Analog Recovery is a comprehensive account of the first 30 years of the legendary photo agency. Opening with Robert Capa’s D-Day photography, the publication collects famous works and previously unpublished photos, posters, quotes and thoughts by the great icons of 20th century photography, including Alex Webb, René Burri, Eve Arnold, Henri Cartier-Bresson.

“Great icons of the 20th century are to be found alongside images never previously seen or exhibited: they are part of a dialogue linked to what the photographers had to say regarding the definition or contradictions inherent in their work and what was at stake, at a time when the world’s largest ever collective of photographers was taking shape. Their words call to mind just as many contradictory approaches to photography as the images themselves – the other side of the coin strewn with doubts and tensions which makes this array of “witnesses to the transitory” more resonant than ever.”
— from the publisher’s statement.

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