Publisher: Taka Ishii Gallery

In her new series ‘Marble’, created between 2014 and 2017, Erika Yoshino likens her creative process to marble, whose intricate patterns are formed slowly, over many years. Yoshino, whose roots are in street photography, captures whatever draws her eye in everyday life, allowing for chance encounters and a touch of fate. The images are then printed, re-arranged, juxtaposed, examined; after which she goes out to shoot again.
‘Marble’ is published in conjunction with the same-titled exhibition at Taka Ishii Gallery in Tokyo (Apr 7 – May 19 2018).

“The title ‘MARBLE’ is a symbol of a complicated, enchanting time.
To me, they provide a key that allows me to discover freedom and hope.
Captivated by the beautiful resonance of the words, I try to recall their inspiring images and express them through photography.
I will be satisfied if I succeed in capturing even their slightest nuance.
Crystals of light seen through the lens.
My desire draws gentle lines on the white photographic paper.”

— From the artist’s statement


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210 x 272 mm
40 pages, 24 images
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