midday ghost

midday ghost


Publisher: hito press

“Midday Ghost” is the first publication by Japanese newcomer photographer Kawade Hamamoto.

Hamamoto’s quiet, contemplative photographs were all taken within everyday life yet show us a dream-like world beyond reality. Inspired by the thought of ghosts appearing not in the dark of the night but in bright daylight, Hamamoto used broken cameras and a mixed-media approach to endue her images with a peculiar otherness without losing her footing on this side of reality.

The design of the book accentuates the images’ quiet allure by keeping many of the 288 pages entirely blank, the photographs appearing in bundles. In an interview with publisher hito Press, Hamamoto says, “I wanted it to be a book that allowed people to forget their surroundings […] My intention was to provide a growing sense of immersion with each turn of the page, as if you slowly leave your body behind.”

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