Middle Plane Issue 6

The sixth issue of London-based magazine “Middle Plane” features work by Yoshitomo Nara, Rinko Kawauchi, Takashi Homma, Clémentine Schneidermann, Letty Schmiterlow, Fumiko Imano, Jack Day, Sam Rock and Osamu Yokonami as well as photographs from the archive of the legendary Harajuku streetstyle magazine FRUiTS.

Each issue of “Middle Plane” is focuses on the work of a single artist. Volume 6 revolves around Yoshitomo Nara, his personal life, and the recurring theme of children in his work—for example, Fumiko Imano’s photographs show Nara and his famous Kunamitsu twin sisters and were taken in Nara’s studio in Lake Toya in Hokkaid; Rinko Kawauchi’s mesmerizing shots of natural landscapes, too, were photographed in Hokkaido, where Nara spends much of his time; Osamu Yokonami revisits his signature portraits of children; and Jack Day photographs Nara’s outdoor installations.


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315 × 240 mm
336 pages
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Middle Plane Issue 6

Yoshitomo NARA, Rinko KAWAUCHI, Takashi HOMMA, Osamu YOKONAMI, Various Artists